Rats/mice are one of the biggest vectors of human transmittable diseases and are capable of causing serious damage to any structure they inhabit. Because their teeth never stop growing they are constantly chewing to grind down their teeth. They are known to enter homes through crawlspace vents, AC conduit lines, attic vents, roof cubbies and any other unsealed access they can find. Once inside a structure, their chewing and nesting habits quickly cause damage to insulation, electrical, HVAC, and personal property. Rats are capable of having 6-8 pups in a litter and have about 4 litters a year. Once issues are noticed its important to take action immediately so they don't reproduce and cause damage in your home. The best solution for getting rid of rats/mice from your home or business is to exclude all possible entry points and eliminate any conducive conditions. At Defense we specialize in removing nesting rats/mice, excluding entry points and preventing future infestations.