Ants are the most common pest in California and chances are you've seen them from time time scattering across your kitchen counter-top or into a hidden corner of your pantry.  There are over 10,000 ant species across the world, however the most common ant species found to commonly invade homes in California are the Odorous house ant, Tiny black ant, and Argentine ant. Common outdoor species include the Carpenter ant, Velvety tree ant, and the Pavement ant. Ants are true social insects, meaning the colony works together for the common goal of colony growth and reproduction. Nesting sites can usually be found in soil, plant debris, wall voids, insulation, attics, and underneath floorboards and concrete slabs. Most DIY products supplied for ants only cause ants to avoid certain areas instead of eliminating the colony, effectively making the problem worse. Before treating for ants inside or outside your home, an inspection is first done to determine nesting sites and the best treatment option for you. Our advanced ant treatment system not only will eliminate the ant colony at the source, but will also prevent future entry.