Roach Service

 These nocturnal insects can be particularly hard to spot during daylight hours due to there capabilities to hide in dark tight spaces. Because of their hiding capabilities and fast reproduction rates, issues usually go unnoticed until roach infestation becomes excessive. Roaches can live up to several months without food and 2 weeks without water. Severe infestations are known to cause allergies due to there casing and fecal matter becoming airborne. Because roaches dwell in unpleasant environments they are known to transmit diseases which can make households unsafe, especially if they are contaminating food items or dining areas. A free inspection is provided to  determine problem areas to attack, once the initial clean out is complete we conduct a bait and monitor program to keep future infestations under control. Here at Defense we understand the discomfort these pests may cause and are more than happy to work with you on getting or keeping your home roach free.