The first thing we need to understand about spiders is that they are arachnids and not insects, which means that their bodies react differently to pesticides. Spiders do not absorb pesticides through their feet like insects do, because they do not have a circulatory system that carries the pesticides from their feet to their organs. The best way to treat spiders with pesticide would be to treat cracks and crevices that spiders are likely to frequent, because there is a better chance that their body will come into contact with the pesticide. Since pesticides are not an effective treatment for spiders, we need to eliminate the main reason they hang out around your home, food. Spiders like to spin their webs near light sources in order to catch flying insects that are attracted to light, but it does not stop them from making webs around other areas of your home. However not all spiders make webs to catch their food, some spiders like jumping and running spiders will hunt their prey. A bimonthly pest control service that includes a webbing around the

perimeter of your home is your best chance to solve your spider problem.